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About our family business

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About Hartevelt

Fulfillment company for Fashion

From barn to Fulfillment company for Fashion. On November 16, 1945, dry cleaning Hartevelt was founded in a shed behind the house of grandfather and grandmother Hartevelt in Zeist. Grandpa went to the farmer to collect dry goods from people’s homes and grandma made sure that the clothes could be delivered clean again. Grandpa Hartevelt (founder) died at a young age and the company was continued by his son Hans Hartevelt and his mother. Hans Hartevelt 2nd generation has expanded the company and made it big. From the small shed in Zeist to Bilthoven, then the Strijkviertel in De Meern and from 1989 on the Molensteijn in the Meern where we are still located. A reconditioning company has been set up from the dry cleaners. This business unit is involved in blowing and tunneling clothing so that it can be hung into the shops without packaging folds. Hélène Hartevelt as the 3rd generation has taken over the company from her father. Over the years, the family business has changed considerably and we have grown into a fulfillment company for the fashion industry. What sets us apart is that we can offer a total package and solve confection problems internally. It is therefore clear that we are and want to remain a family business, especially now that the fourth generation wants to continue the company.

Team Hartevelt

Hélene Hartevelt


Roy de Zoete


Mandy de Zoete

HR & Office Manager

Dennis Hartevelt

Logistics & Production Manager

Danny de Bie

COO Fulfilment Services & Development

Michelle Hartevelt

Customer service / Returns

John Bosma

Supervisor Warehouse

Monika Wala

Supervisor Warehouse

Otília Raquel Torres

Supervisor Warehouse

Cristina Cherciu

Supervisor Warehouse

Raquel Assis

Supervisor Warehouse

Nel Puijk

Supervisor Warehouse

Damien de Groot

Supply chain coordinator & IT development

Ruud Fransen

Supervisor Laundry

Open application?

Working at Hartevelt

Does it sound exciting to you to work at a family business in the logistics fashion industry?

Our fulfillment service encompasses the entire logistics process. From the moment the goods are received in our warehouse until they are shipped to stores or online customers.

We are an innovative company that is always focused on development. As part of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to grow within the company.

We have a fun and close-knit team with different nationalities, which we are very proud of. Therefore, speaking English is a must.

Got enthusiastic? Keep an eye on our website for open job vacancies or apply through the contact form.

The history of Hartevelt


Establishment of Hartevelt Dry Cleaning by Jacques Hartevelt Zeist


Extension Hartevelt Dry Cleaning to Planetenbaan in Bilthoven


Handover 2nd generation Hans Hartevelt


Expansion/ move to Strijkviertel de Meern


1st pile + construction Molensteijn de Meern


Expansion/construction Molensteijn de Meern


Transfer 3rd generation Hélène Hartevelt


Delivery lying sorter


Delivery hanging sorter


Delivery of automated packing station


4th generation family shareholders Roy de Zoete & Mandy de Zoete

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