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Fashion fulfilment

Worldwide shipping
B2B+ B2C
Hang + Flat packed oriented
4 PL supply chain services
Ordered before 23:59, delivered the same day

Full-service provider in fashion fulfilment

At Hartevelt, we are proud of our extensive logistics infrastructure that has been specially designed for fashion brands. Our full-service approach means that our customers can leave their storage and order logistics to us with peace of mind. We work for clients with order volumes ranging from 2,000 to over a million per year.

Our fashion fulfillment service covers the entire logistics process, from the moment goods are received at our warehouse to the moment they are shipped to the end customer. This includes the management of orders placed through reorder systems, online web shops or other sales channels, up to and including delivery to the buyer. In short, at Hartevelt we take care of the entire logistics process from start to finish.


Packages shipped per year


m2 Warehouse


meter overhead track system

Fulfillment benefits from proper IT integration

At Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment we have a lot of experience in realizing seamless IT integration with the core systems of our customers, webshops and various shipping companies. We ensure a smooth connection between our warehouse management system and that of third parties, so that progress can be accurately tracked throughout the entire supply chain. This benefits all parties involved, as it guarantees that the end recipient (both B2B and B2C) is timely and correctly informed about the status and location of their package.

A number of benefits that customers experience;

  • Our warehouse management system is designed in such a way that, based on many years of logistics experience, seamless integration can be guaranteed between our own systems, your systems, the systems of carriers and the systems of the end customers.
  • It is directly connected to our machine park (lying + hanging sorting machine) in combination with automated packing lines. The high degree of automation we work with ensures silent and fast processing of orders. We are happy to explain this to you during a tour of our location.
  • 24/7 and live insight into your logistics data via your own portal
  • Understanding the reasons and tracing the causes of returns.
  • A supplier assessment gives you insight into the performance of your suppliers.

We are happy to show you all the advantages during a tour of our warehouse.

Hanging and lying sorting machine

Our commitment to continuous development ensures that our processes are optimized for fast and efficient handling of goods. With our hanging sorter we can process up to 4,000 hanging garments per hour. In addition, our horizontal sorting machine is another logistical advantage, which allows us to process up to 8,000 horizontal garments per hour, with only the remaining stock going to the racks for storage. We use a total of five scanning moments before packing, which ensures that orders are fulfilled accurately and efficiently. Our system is built with the most advanced and modern technologies that have been thoroughly tested over the years and proven to be reliable.

A number of benefits that customers experience;

  • Priority orders are processed first
  • Processing in batches / clustering of shipments is possible
  • Due to the many automated scan moments, processing is not only fast but also reliable
  • Only the re-orders / webshop stock goes into storage, which reduces storage costs

Fast packing stations through extensive automation

To ensure that every order is shipped with 100% accuracy, we use automated packing stations right through to the final packing stage. These stations are integrated with our warehouse management system, enabling the packaging team to accurately track your specific packaging requirements. We can enter your specific wishes into the system and adjust them as desired. In addition, the automated packing station checks orders for accuracy before they are packed, ensuring a fast and efficient verification process. The order is then forwarded to the packing table, where the correct packing box is already waiting. During the packing process, any value added services (VAS) are visible on the screen, and our advanced printing system allows flyers or brochures to be added to the shipment. Finally, all outgoing orders are scanned as they are loaded into the vehicles of different carriers, so you can track the shipment with confidence.

  • Packaging options specific to each customer
  • Weighing of orders ensures correct dispatch
  • Peaks in order numbers are absorbed by the high degree of automation

We are happy to show you around our warehouse and give you more information about our automated machines and the possibilities for you as a customer.

Use carrier links

After your orders have been carefully packed, they are picked up daily by different carriers. With us you can choose from a large number of carriers and we take into account specific requirements such as collection points, evening deliveries and parcel machines.

  • Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment ensures good rates and conditions as main contractor
  • Links and maintenance free
  • Track & Trace emails
  • Orders can be tracked 24/7
  • Multiple delivery options can already be checked during checkout

Storage goods

At Hartevelt we offer safe storage for both lying and hanging garments in our warehouse. By using our sorting machines to process and pack sold items immediately upon arrival, we only store the re-order and webshop stock in racks, which limits storage costs. Our stock can always be viewed by appointment and our central location in the country provides extra convenience.

  • Lower storage costs due to processing via sorting machines
  • Secure warehouse with high ranking
  • Central location in the country for quality control, for example
  • Daily monitoring of stock numbers

Lightning-fast B2B processing

We are proud of our lightning-fast B2B processing of pre-sold orders. Our efficient sorting machines ensure timely delivery to your customers, because the orders are quickly transported in container crates to the correct packing table. Using our intelligent weighing station, orders are weighed accurately and linked to the perfect box size for optimal packaging. In addition, backorders can be removed from the racks before 4 p.m. and sorted into individual orders using our state-of-the-art sorting technology.

  • Lightning-fast B2B shipment of pre-sold orders by means of the sorting machines
  • Orders are weighed by an advanced and automated weighing station
  • Specific packing wishes are added as standard

B2C orders processed until 11:59 PM

Hartevelt offers a handy solution for online retailers who want to increase their conversion by keeping their webshop open until 23:59. Our sorting machines enable fast and efficient order processing. In addition, our state-of-the-art packing station is designed to deliver sorted orders directly to the appropriate packing station, where they are expertly packaged according to the volume size of the item. Our software displays packing instructions on screen, so custom packing instructions can be met for each order.

  • Cut-off time 23:59 for your webshop
  • Personalized packaging options
  • Specific expressions towards your customers possible

Distinctive return logistics

The way and speed with which returns are processed has a significant impact on consumer satisfaction with their web shop experience, which can lead to higher returns to the web shop. At Hartevelt we understand the importance of this and therefore prioritize it. All (web) returns are carefully processed within one day of receipt from the carrier. We also have a washing and revision department that helps to minimize the return percentage. Before items are taken back into stock, we carry out a quality check and a barcode scan.

  • 75+ years of experience in reconditioning
  • Returns processed within 1 day of arrival
  • Monitoring tools for the return processing

Real-time insight in portal

With our portal you have 24/7 real-time insight into all traffic in our warehouse. The easy-to-use filters allow you to immediately view and address any issues. In addition, the portal offers reports that can be requested for a specific period. This way you can easily check whether your order has been scanned outbound, view the current stock per SKU or see how many returns have been received with a specific return reason.

  • Live insight per flow/process
  • Reports easy to download
  • User friendly


At Hartevelt, we have two ultramodern steam tunnels with which your products go into stock without creases or are transported to your DC. We receive shipments directly from the supplier and ensure proper reconditioning or disposal processes are followed. If necessary, we can also send samples to your office for quality checking. Our tunnel software has several programs that can recondition any type of fabric.

  • Over 75+ years of expertise
  • Every type of garment can be treated by advanced machines
  • Process large numbers quickly

Continuously moving

Our development team monitors the entire supply chain for problems and adjusts them if the cause is significant. We strive to continuously improve our services and prioritize listening to our customers, understanding their needs and working closely together. Our expertise and experience are applied in every process to ensure maximum efficiency. The result is a reliability of an impressive 99.98%.

  • Monitoring of issues in the supply chain
  • High-quality machinery
  • Switch quickly with our custom-made warehouse management system

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