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General terms and conditions of delivery


As part of the developments that have taken place within Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment in recent years, the general terms and conditions of delivery have been updated and adjusted to further facilitate and streamline the receipt, control and storage of goods.

In the common interest of all parties, these general terms and conditions of delivery should ensure better cooperation between the supplier and Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment, for faster processing of the products and a smoother validation of the invoices.

In addition, they define the essential rules to be followed, as well as the detailed information to be communicated during each expedition. They supersede all other existing terms and conditions and documents that have ever been published by Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment to this day.

1. Deliveries

1.1. Registrations

Please note: registrations are required for every delivery!

An application is made by contacting our warehouse logistics team. You can do this by sending an e-mail to: with a completed registration document as included in the e-mail.

The information below is required to make an appointment by mail:

  • Supplier name
  • Brand name
  • Contact person + GSM/telephone number
  • Order number/Reference
  • Number of packages and/or pallets
  • Name of the carrier
  • Confirmation of the packing slip(s) for the goods to be delivered

Any incomplete registration will be refused, if the registration has not been submitted correctly for delivery, we are forced to charge 0.5 hours extra work!

Confirmation will be sent by email within 24 hours of request. The date and time of the appointment will be communicated to you and must be strictly respected. If not, our warehouse will (possibly) refuse the delivery.

In case of refusal of receipt by our warehouse due to non-compliance with the general delivery conditions of Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment, a document with the reason(s) for the refusal will be provided directly to the driver.

The supplier will be held responsible for handling the refused delivery in accordance with the established procedures. Under no circumstances may additional costs be charged to Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment, regardless of the reason given by the supplier.

1.2. Address and opening hours

Delivery address:
Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment
Molensteijn 8,3454PT De Meern
The Netherlands

Time slots apply from Monday to Friday at the times listed below:

Morning > 8:30 am – 10:30 am and 10:45 am – 1:00 pm
Afternoon > 13:30 – 15:30 and 15:45 – 17:00

It is essential that the supplier respects our time slots to avoid disorganization and operational disruptions in our warehouse. Drivers who register before or after the agreed delivery time are no longer treated with priority, but on the basis of the availability of the logistics team.

In case of force majeure on the day of delivery, please contact our services directly via telephone number 030-6669092.

1.3. Delivery documents

The supplier or his carrier must be able to present the following documents with every delivery:

Delivery reference known to Hartevelt
The packing slip (1 packing slip per order)
The detailed packing list by carton
The consignment note (CMR)

Failure to submit the said documents and/or the submission of incomplete or non-compliant documents will result in a categorical refusal of delivery and the obligation for the supplier or its carrier to book a new appointment in accordance with the rules.

Upon delivery, the documents must:

Are presented by the supplier or his transporter at the goods reception (entrance of forwarding, door next to unloading door 2) before the trailer and/or container is opened;
Visible and immediately accessible when opening the trailer and/or container


Any error in the packing slip that does not allow correct verification of the products or the quantities delivered is equated with a lack of documents;
Any packing slip that has been the subject of handwritten changes will be rejected;
In the absence of a packing list per box, a detailed packing slip is always required (list of all products present in the delivery for a given order).

1.4. Standard content of the delivery documents

Essential information to be included on the packing slip or packing lists:

Name and address of the supplier
Brand name
Receiver (Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment)
Delivery address
Order number / reference
Packing slip or packing list number
Box number (box 1/3, 2/3, 3/3… recommended, but not required)
Package contents (references and quantities)
Number of pieces ordered and delivered per reference item-color-size
EAN codes if available

2. Packaging

2.1. Pallet delivery

For each delivery of more than 10 packages, the goods must be palletized according to the standard: 80cm x 120cm or 100cmx 120cm at a maximum height of 180cm.

In the case of pallet delivery, the following applies:

  • The pallet must not be broken;
  • The cardboard boxes must not be damaged, crushed, torn or wet;
  • The cardboard boxes must not exceed the standard dimensions of the pallet on which they are placed
  • If the shipment is loaded loose, the number of used pallets will be charged.

2.2. Packages

The maximum allowed weight per package is 23 kg (this is the maximum weight that logisticians are allowed to lift) and all packages must contain the following information:

Supplier name
Brand name
Order number / reference

2.3. Garment bags

The garment bags are packed as follows:

The goods are packed in (preferably transparent) plastic protective covers;
The goods hang on hangers, one piece per hanger
The maximum number allowed per cover is 10 pieces.

All garment bags must contain the following information:

Supplier name
Brand name
References and quantities (or packing list)
Bundle number (bundle 1/3, 2/3, 3/3… this is mandatory)

2.4. Packaging of product identification

The goods must be packed in packaging that allows them to be transported safely, both upon delivery to the Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment warehouse and upon delivery to shops.

Every product must:

Be individually packaged, including accessories and decorative items;
Provided with a SKU (item-color-size reference) to clearly identify it;
Have a barcode if possible.

The supplier reference on the label must be the same as stated on the order confirmation. The identification label must be clearly visible on the product packaging (visible label in the transparent packaging or a label affixed to the product packaging).
If the product is provided with a barcode, it must be visible to the naked eye and suitable for scanning.

Requirements when using barcodes:

Each SKU (article-color-size reference) must have its specific barcode;
It is essential that barcodes are assigned to the correct (!) products.

Textile products, leather goods, shoes and other accessories must comply with the European regulation on textile fiber names, labeling and marking of the fiber composition of textile products (when textile products are made available on the market, they must be provided with
a durable, legible, visible and accessible means of a label or a mark indicating its fiber composition).

3. Unloading and receiving

3.1. Types of vehicles

The following vehicles are allowed on our site:

Truck with tailgate;
Light truck without tailgate;
Cars and other small motorized vehicles.

Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment has a loading platform with 7 loading and unloading points.
Docks 1 and 3 to 7 have an unloading quay and are suitable for trucks with a tail lift and trailers. Door 2 (roller door) is suitable for cars and buses (parcel services or small ready-to-wear deliveries).

The loading dock is located at the rear of the building and is accessible through the entrance at the dispatch.

Address expedition: Molensteijn 8, 3454PT De Meern (rear of the building)

3.2. Control during unloading

A visual and quantitative check is carried out during unloading. If the goods are damaged (damaged packaging, moisture, damaged security seal, etc.) or if the number of packages does not comply with the transport documentation, the delivery may be refused. In case of doubt in the acceptance of the goods, reserve clauses will be mentioned when the transport documents are signed (subject to detailed checking and/or counting) and, if necessary, photographs will be taken for validation to the parties concerned.

3.3. Non-conformity

The supplier guarantees that the delivered products, their packaging and labeling comply in all respects with the order and with the applicable laws, regulations, standards and customs.

Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment has a period of 30 days from receipt of the goods to establish the following:

The non-conformity of the goods compared to the initial order form and/or the supplied packing list (items not ordered, quantity/number, etc)
The presence of obvious defects.

In the event of refusal of goods due to non-conformity, the supplier will have to collect the relevant goods at its own expense and within a maximum period of 10 days from notification of the defects by Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment.

4. Billing

4.1. Billing Terms

The supplier will, if possible, provide an invoice per order and per delivery note. In addition to complying with the applicable legal provisions, the supplier’s invoice must contain the following elements:

  • Seller’s legal name;
  • Supplier address;
  • VAT number of the supplier;

Invoicing information from Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment.

Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment
Millstone 8
3454 PT De Meern
The Netherlands

TEL: 030 666 29 84
VAT NO.: 802498693.B01
Chamber of Commerce: 30118782

  • Order number Hartevelt Fashion Fulfillment
  • Number of the packing slip or packing list corresponding to the delivery
  • Name of each product
  • Quantity of each product
  • Unit price (excl. VAT)
  • Applicable VAT rate
  • Discounts if applicable
  • Date and method of payment according to prior agreements

The supplier agrees to systematically send the invoice and the accompanying delivery note to the following e-mail address:

4.2. Extra costs due to a refusal of delivery

In case of refusal of a delivery for one or more of the reasons mentioned in this document, all costs of the initial delivery, handling and redelivery of the goods are the responsibility of the supplier. This also applies to all errors committed by a dependent carrier appointed by the supplier.

5. POS equipment and others

5.1. Billing Terms

It is forbidden to send POS material, flyers, posters, packaging materials or other promotional items to our warehouse without prior permission. In case of delivery of such products without prior approval, the costs of treatment and destruction will be invoiced to the supplier.