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We are excited to announce a brand-new collaboration with the leading lifestyle brand 10DAYS, set to start in mid-November. Known for their unique style and timeless collections, 10DAYS is on the verge of a new step in collaboration with Hartevelt.

We are very much looking forward to working with 10DAYS, a brand that distinguishes itself with its innovative and sustainable approach in the fashion industry. This collaboration builds on our previous success stories in providing fulfillment services to renowned fashion companies. Unique in our collaboration with 10DAYS is that we will handle an extensive range of services, including B2B, B2C, and returns management. This versatile approach sets us apart in the industry, concludes 10DAYS after comparisons with seven other logistics providers.

This collaboration with 10DAYS includes our complete package of fashion fulfillment services, aimed at maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction. With the start in November, both Hartevelt and 10DAYS are committed to a long-term partnership that will strengthen both brands in their respective markets.

10DAYS will benefit from our expertise in logistics and distribution, enabling them to reach their customers faster and more effectively. For Hartevelt, this collaboration means a further strengthening of their position in fashion fulfillment, as well as new opportunities for growth and innovation. Our unique ability to efficiently manage B2B, B2C, and returns is a testament to our innovative approach in the logistics sector.

“By joining forces with Hartevelt, a leading name in fashion fulfillment, we can expand our distribution channels and optimize our customer service. This partnership enables us to respond more quickly to market changes and work more efficiently, ultimately benefiting our customers. We look forward to the joint growth and are excited about the synergies this collaboration will yield,” says Marie-Jose, CEO of 10DAYS.

From Hartevelt, Roy de Zoete (CCO/CFO) adds: “We are proud to collaborate with a progressive brand like 10DAYS. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to excel in fashion fulfillment and our unique position in managing various aspects such as B2B, B2C, and returns, which sets us apart in the industry.”

The collaboration between Hartevelt and 10DAYS promises much good for the future, not only for both companies but also for the fashion industry as a whole. Hartevelt continues to commit to forging strong partnerships and maintaining their leadership position in the fashion fulfillment sector, combined with their reconditioning experience.