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We are thrilled to highlight our partnership with two distinguished fashion brands, Beachlife and Cyell. This alliance is born from our unwavering commitment to deliver premier services in fashion fulfillment.

Beachlife and Cyell are revered entities in the fashion sphere, celebrated for their chic swimwear collections that encapsulate the quintessence of summer and elegance. It’s no wonder that their burgeoning customer base necessitates a dependable and adept logistics ally to cater to the escalating demand.

This is where Hartevelt steps into the frame. With a forte in fashion fulfillment, we are impeccably poised to navigate the distribution and logistical intricacies for Beachlife and Cyell. Armed with cutting-edge technology and a seasoned brigade, every attire is meticulously handled and promptly dispatched.

This partnership emblemizes our relentless endeavors to bolster enterprises in the fashion arena. The trust vested in us by Beachlife and Cyell amplifies our stance as the go-to choice for fashion fulfillment.

“We are extremely excited about this collaboration,” says Marloes Heijmans, CEO at Beachlife or Cyell. “The expertise and efficient approach of Hartevelt make them the ideal partner for us, especially in these times of rapid growth.”