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Hartevelt has recently completed the expansion of its warehouse, adding an additional 850 square meters of floor space. This expansion, spread over two suspended levels, is designed to increase storage and order processing capacity, in line with the growing demand for Hartevelt’s fulfillment services.

The expansion aims to improve operational efficiency within the warehouse, enabling Hartevelt to shorten lead times and enhance customer satisfaction. This is a direct result of the ability to manage more inventory and process a larger volume of orders. The construction process of this expansion has been captured in a timelapse video, providing an overview of the developments from start to finish.

Roy de Zoete emphasizes the importance of this expansion: “This new space is essential for our efforts to improve and adapt our services to meet our customers’ needs. It allows us to work more efficiently and maintain our position in the market.”

For more information about the expansion, please contact us and view the timelapse below.